About PT Sutera Agung Properti

PT Sutera Agung Properti is one of the leading property developers in Indonesia, which specializes in developing high-rise luxurious apartments. Organized by highly dedicated professionals, our vision is to be the leading and respected property developer in Indonesia and is highly committed be an efficient and innovative corporation. PT Sutera Agung Properti optimizes and combines the commercial aspect and needs of the customers; residence for the high and upper middle class, providing the best quality product and service to customers. A leading company with innovative ambitions to create well-received products; a landmark within the city or integrated CBD.

There are currently 2 projects by PT Sutera Agung Properti, Saumata and Saumata Suites. Saumata is completed since February 2017, while Saumata Suites is the new and more luxurious concept that offers an exceptional lifestyle and will finish construction in 2021.

Vision & Mission

PT Sutera Agung Properti will continuously strive to be a trusted and respected company, parallel with the development and innovation of other companies within the Tangerang area. To become a leading company with innovative ambition, relying on the development of human resources, well-organized procedural structure, efficiency and committed to offer quality service.

PT Sutera Agung Properti optimizes and facilitates in the commercial aspect with the need of apartment residence for the higher and upper middle class, and provide the best quality product and service to consumers; developing apartment towers of superior quality with international standard. Forming partnership with consumers and government to improve the growth of Indonesia’s property sector and make employees as an asset that promote the competency of the property industry. Creating an innovative and well-received product to the consumer; a landmark within the city or the integrated CBD.

Why Saumata?

Saumata is conceptualized to represent the most iconic landmark in Alam Sutera. Our promise is to deliver the best quality, both with the spectacular architecture and elegant interior, as proven with our first Saumata Residential Tower. To ensure a complete lifestyle, we offer a variety of luxurious high-end facilities, amenities, boutique retail store, and modern bistro cafes that will add texture and vitality to the community. Strategically located nearest to Jakarta and Soekarno-Hatta International Airport with the convenience of having direct access to Jakarta-Tangerang Toll road and JORR 2. With the dynamic and promising growth of urban development in Alam Sutera, the potential rental rate is proven to reach at least 7%.


Saumata is the most exclusive apartment located in the heart of Alam Sutera, designed by ABODAY; modern innovation which mirrors luxury and comfort in contemporary architecture, stood proudly as one of the residential landmarks in Alam Sutera. Saumata is completed since February 2017.

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Saumata Suites

Saumata Suites soars as the icon that landscapes legacy through luxurious lifestyle. Premium tower that exceed expectations, living in a place of luxury. Amenities spanning sumptuously from recreational facilities, swimming pool, private elevators and outdoor sanctuaries, a lifestyle that balances the beauty of nature and the city. Saumata Suites will finish construction in 2020.

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